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2018 Fashion Weeks: The Looks We Loved

From New York to Paris to Milan and London, this year’s Fashion Week scene has been alight with mind-blowing hairstyles. We wouldn’t be a good friend if we didn’t share them with you, so pull up a chair and a pour yourself a cuppa (or rosé… we know which one we’d choose) as we run through our favourite looks from the Fashion Weeks all over the world.


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Florals have been a big deal since, like, ever! But it wasn’t until New York Fashion Week that we really saw the gardens of Babylon venturing into hair. French hairstylist, Odile Gilbert created Shakespearian dream hairstyles and the models of Rodarte hit the catwalks full of florals and finesse. This may not be your everyday look, but bring it back slightly and you could definitely get away with some delicate florals woven into your braid, or placed in a messy bun, especially through the gorgeous spring months!


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This year we saw a hybrid between an episode of Game of Thrones and a day spent wearing a beanie - glossed yet matted, and utterly flat up top with styling running from mid-lengths to ends. The unique look really took the spotlight this year at London Fashion Week - who knew our winter beanie hair would become the next big thing!


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Someone must have found a fairy floss machine at Fashion Week because my oh my there was a lot of pink flying around. Marc Jacobs kicked off the confectionary-sweet trend at New York Fashion Week, only days before Matty Bovan’s models hit the runway with hair that could only be described as bright and bold! Someone get us some sugar, this hair has got us craving sweets!


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The OG hair styling tool, that we ALL have in our hair kit (also found in bed cracks, between cushions, and without a doubt in the bathroom), took centre stage and created a whole new love for bobby pins. An excessive, but intriguing, number of bobby pins were seen on the runways of both Cedric Charlier and Nonie and we have to say - we’re fans. The subtly steam-punk vibes, mixed with the uber sleeking effect has got us digging down the back of our couches for a few extra bobbies!


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Glitter has been a hair accessory mainly seen at festivals up to this point, but when Giambattista Valli brought glitter to the runway we saw this as the all clear to whip out the sparkle for every day - and we LOVE IT! Hair feeling a little boring, GLITTER IT. Hitting that mid-week rut and need a pick me up, ADD GLITTER. Need something special for date night, you guessed it… GLITTERFY!

Small disclaimer/warning though… glitter tends to leave a trail, and it can sometimes reappear years later, so before you start dunking your hair in that sparkle take a moment to think about those around you and your surfaces (but then…. GLITTER IT!).

Fashion Week has got us itching to try some new styles, and also attempt some more daring looks because as we can see there are no rules anymore! Creativity, pushing the norm and expression is living loud and free and we are living for it! As we always say, YOUR HAIR - YOUR LIFE - YOUR RULES!

bhave xx