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Curly Hair: How To...

Curly Hair: How To...

Curly Hair: How To…

Curly hair comes in many different shapes and sizes, and sometimes it even seems like each individual ringlet has its own unique individual quality! Some days that curly hair just won’t be tamed, so styling it is a mission we prefer to save our arms from. However, despair no longer as this one is for those curly haired queens of our tribe! We’re putting those frustrating curly hair days to rest and getting your gorgeous locks to bhave once and for all!

Frizz is usually a major issue that comes with curly hair, and unfortunately sometimes overly treating your hair with products to tame those curls can have the opposite effect and lead to a whole big frizz bomb!

We’ve listed some easy but foundational steps to follow in caring for your curls to make them healthier, stronger and easier to manage.

Curl Caring Tips

➔Start with the right shampoo & conditioner

◆Using an ultra-conditioning shampoo and conditioner will give your curls that perfect bounce without the frizz, whilst providing a nourishment surge to your hair. Use a volumising shampoo and conditioner such as magnify shampoo & conditioner will give your curls that perfect bounce whilst providing a nourishment surge to your hair. The lightweight formula won’t drag curls down and contains bioactive keratin to help nourish your hair within to eliminate frizz, protect and strengthen your locks.

◆For dry curls needing a little TLC arm yourself with hydrator shampoo & conditioner to receive that moisture hit!

◆For curls that are dry and damaged nourish shampoo & conditioner are your perfect duo.

◆For curls that need intensive repair we recommend rescue shampoo & conditioner to repair, protect and smooth those locks. All four ranges contain bioactive keratin which will helps nourish your hairs cuticle from within to eliminate frizz, protect and strengthen.

➔Microfibre towels will be your curly hair BFF

◆This may seem a bit particular but trust us when we say that microfibre towels are more absorbent and softer than cotton towels, which when you have extremely curly hair can quickly ruin the progress we've already made! Microfibre towels cause less friction when drying which prevents breakage and frizz

➔ Comb through hair when wet with a wide tooth comb

◆Using a wide tooth comb to brush hair whilst wet helps loosely separate curls whilst preventing breakage and frizz that you might achieve through dry brushing. Detangling hair whilst wet will also help prevent a messy curly look and create those natural wave patterns.

For extra reassurance of perfect curls, we recommend adding bhave curl defining crème into your routine. Perfect for application when hair is wet you can apply to your locks prior to brushing through with a wide tooth comb or your fingers to help curls hold together whilst moisturising and conditioning to leave hair smooth and frizz free!

➔Go in with a diffuser

◆A lifesaver attachment for your blow dryer for those with extreme curls and frizz. A diffuser on a blow dryer helps add body, even out curl patterns and allows curly hair to retain its bonds. A diffuser softens the blow of extreme heat and force on curly hair, therefore minimising frizz

➔Use a finishing oil

◆After blow drying, throughout the day, or until your next wash, an oil can be a quick remedy to keep those locks bhaving, whilst adding envious shine! bhave riot control oil will be your frizz fighting buddy that keeps your hair smooth and shining. Whilst its taming those curly locks it also strengthens and nourishes to improve the health and condition of your hair!

Curly hair no longer needs to be a frustration, and with these tips & tricks it’s time to embrace those curls tribe!

bhave xx