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Hair Colours We Are Dying Over

Hair Colours We Are Dying Over

We are one fabulous and colourful tribe, and changing up our locks is never far from mind! Do we try a new colour or cut, add length or dare to chop it off, or do we simply change up our styling? Hair is always on the mind!

One thing we love to experiment with is colour, and whether you’re looking for a completely new look, just want to freshen up those tresses, or want to try something daring for the ultimate showstopper, we’ve put together our favourite hair colours of the year so far for your next salon appointment inspo!


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This vibrant, light purple has all our heads turning. It launched straight from the runways of A/W Fashion Week into salons, and we welcomed it with opened arms. While one might think that only a brave soul could pull off this look, the colour-correcting blue undertones of the lilac will actually give your lightened locks a brighter appearance. How magical!

Whether you choose to go for a full head of the vibrant floral tone, or simply brighten up your everyday do with an edgy ombre, we are hair over heels in love with this colour. bhave tip: bring lots of inspo pics to your appointment so that your hairdresser knows exactly the tone and style you want to achieve!

Once you’ve decided on your hue, and made the appointment, it’s now time to pass the baton to your hairdresser to transform your locks. With bhave 180 lift and load your hairdresser can lighten your base and add this gorgeous hue all at once, so becoming a magical unicorn doesn’t have to take all day - it really is magic!

If you’ve had a ‘wow’ colour like this before you’ll understand the pain of watching your beloved colour drip down the drain as you wash your hair. Unfortunately, fashion colours don’t like to stick around too long, but we are here to help our colourful tribe out! Hair colour loss is now a pain of the past - introducing our 180 Boost. Simply, ask your stylist to make you a custom colour boost with a bhave conditioner (also the perfect at home after care for your locks), and every time you condition your hair you will get a little top up of colour!


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After the release of Disney’s Brave, we never thought we’d see hair as jaw-dropping and heart stopping as Merida’s in real life - well we were wrong. This year has opened the door for one of the most vibrant, and natural inspired colours we have seen in years.

The soft strawberry blonde and rose-gold hues that ruled in 2017 have been dethroned and darker shades of crimson have taken their place, and we are in ultimate hair lust!

For this fiery and wild hair colour the styling must match; think body, volume and a sultry edge. Prep those tresses with bhave shampoo & conditioner for nourished locks with added body, and style with volumising foam on towel-dried hair and gunpowder dust once dry for the ultimate volume, body and texture.Master this hair routine and your locks will soon be as big and brave as Merida’s.

#three – HONEY OMBRE

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While you’ll never catch us dissing a platinum blonde do, the position of our #1 blonde shade definitely has some tough competition. Our current front runner - honey blonde ombre. Sun kissed and natural, this shade will have you looking and feeling like an angel in no time. With exposed roots welcomed and celebrated in this look you don’t have the pressure of the full head bleach high-maintenance of platinum blonde.

While this colour is incredible, it is only as good as your hair. Make sure your hair is up to scratch by indulging in bhave’s Rescue Therapy Treatment for some deeply nourishing and repairing hair TLC that will have those locks living their best and shiniest life. This can be used together with the bleaching process or after colouring and will restore health and life to your hair, so you can stress less about damaged strands, split ends, and stay well away from those scissors!


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For a hair colour that looks as good as the name sounds, choose those Iced Caramel Latte locks - think we also just found our drink order for the week. A more vibrant and three-dimensional take on the traditional bronde, we will be seeing a lot more of this colour in the near future.

As yummy as a real iced caramel latte, the style gets its name from the dark base, and caramel-blonde hues that run through effortlessly. Super low-maintenance, this style will grow and evolve with your hair. bhave tip: this colouring also looks fire in a ponytail.

Make the shades of this hair pop with a boost of extra shine. We recommend a weekly deep conditioning masque and regular application of leave-in creme after washing for hair that you’ll be flippin’ all day long.

We are dying - and dyeing - over these hair colours, and with our 360 and 180 colour range your locks aren’t far from living their best coloured life either! Find your nearest salon using bhave colour here and start bhaving in colour!

bhave xx