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Hair Taking Flight - The Best Hairstyles For Those Long Haul Flights

Hair Taking Flight - The Best Hairstyles For Those Long Haul Flights

Who said that long-haul travel should come at the cost of good hair? Certainly not us!

We love to travel, but we also love to have stylish and healthy hair, and we’ve found out that you can, in fact, have it all. Here are just a few of our favourite styles and tips on how to remain lush and on-fleek, even on those dreaded long flights.


Braids have long been our ultimate travel essential. As good as it gets in terms of style and comfort, this ‘do’ allows for the ultimate chair nap without anything poking the back of your head.

We can’t forget to mention the stunning, natural waves that will be unveiled when you reach your destination - so get ready to slay.

How to:

Start off this look with bhave shampoo and conditioner for a boost of hydration and to avoid that crispy, dry plane hair feel. Next, treat your locks to some lush nourishment and styling with leave-in créme and riot control oil to make sure your plait-induced waves are smooth, shiny and ready to go when you land.

Img via @atadeniz


For fly hair while you fly, think high buns. You have enough to worry about when you travel - you shouldn’t have to worry about your hair. Buns are the perfect, effortless style that will keep your hair up and out of your way, so you can worry about where you put your passport instead!

How to:

To nail this style, sleek back your hair into one or two buns and run some fresh ends through the ends of your hair before looping it around and pinning it to your head. Easy!

Img via


For a stunning and effortless do, you can’t go wrong with shiny, straight and sleek. This style is perfect for on the go freedom and comfort, but you can’t forget to pack a hair brush or you’ll have some almighty, non-sexy bed-head action going on at customs.

How to:

For the sleekest locks on the plane, grab some bhave shampoo and conditioner and treat your hair to a nourishing wash. Towel dry those locks and then apply some nourishing magic to your hair with super nova or riot control oil. Once dry, run through some fresh ends before reaching for the straightener and those tresses will be totally lush and shiny.

Img via @sazan


For ultimate travel hair success, the bhave travel pack has your back. This includes a mini shampoo and conditioner of your choice, riot control oil, leave-in créme and a deep conditioning masque. Our travel size packs come in our repair, moisturising, volumising and nourishing ranges! All of the items in this kit are under the hand luggage liquid limit of 100ml so you’ll be good to pop these in your carry on - what a dream!

With your hair woes sorted you just need the trip, so get booking tribe - rock those stylish locks on an international scale!

bhave xx