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Hints, Tips And Tricks...More Industry Secrets To Spill!

Hints, Tips And Tricks...More Industry Secrets To Spill!

We love to bring the insight of industry professionals to our tribe because these hair gurus really have all the hair secrets… and it just so happens that we’re terrible at keeping secrets! Well this month we have more secrets to spill because we were lucky enough to sit down with Emma, AKA Master of the Hair Universe, for all her hints, tips and tricks when it comes to hair.

In case you may have missed our past tips & tricks, and are looking for even more juicy hints, jump onto Jo’s and Lara’s tips!

Emma’s Top Secret #1

We all love those summer days but sun, chlorine and salt water can really put our tresses into some distress! To look after my locks, I always put leave-in crème into my hair before a swim.

Extra Super Top-Secret Tip: My boyfriend uses it to shave! Smooth and soft glides every time ;)

Emma’s Top Secret #2

The biggest tip that I’d give anyone is this ..... treatments, treatments, treatments!!

Visit your salon for a rescue therapy treatment, continue care at home by using the deep conditioning masque, and your hair will be living its most luscious and healthy life.

I love to experiment with colour; my hair has truly been every shade of the rainbow and more, and the absolute saviour for my tresses has always been the rescue therapy followed up with the deep conditioning intense masque.

Emma’s Top Secret #3

Always make sure you condition after any treatment! Not many know this, and I’m sure there are many of us out there that have used a treatment in place of conditioner thinking we’re giving our locks a nourish surge, but conditioning after a treatment actually closes the cuticle and keeps that nourishment and repair locked in - and your hair will feel super soft!

5 Minutes with Emma

Favourite Quote?

“When you wish upon a star your dreams come true” .... I believe in the happy ever after in all aspects of my life!

What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

Current car playlist is 90’s boy bands and 90’s R&B.

What’s Your Prediction For The Next Hair Trend?

My prediction, smooth hair with movement, soft curls and rich, warm colours!

Tell Us A Bit About Your Background In Hair?

I have lived and breathed hair most of my life, with at least 24 years working in hair starting as an apprentice, trichologist, wig making and now with bhave as International and National Educator!

Finally, You Ideal Holiday: Beach or Snow?

Hmmm 5 Star cruising - having someone do everything for me while I enjoy a cocktail by the pool ....