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Humidity Proof Hairstyles

Humidity Proof Hairstyles

When it comes to humidity most of us can say it is not our friend, and our hair especially shows its frustrations with a sometimes overwhelming amount of frizz. Before you start desperately bringing out all the hot tools to tame those frizzy locks, we’ve put together a guide to some humidity proof hairstyles that bring the heat in a whole different way. Tribe, we’re here to tell you that you can rock gorgeous hair even on the most humid of days!

An important step before styling is to make sure that crown of yours is healthy and strong - no matter the season or humidity! So, before we jump into styling perfection we need to make sure that your locks are conditioned, healthy and protected. Look after your locks all year long with a nourishing and protecting shampoo & conditioner that will promote healthy and manageable hair (two vital pillars in perfecting any look!). Also adding a weekly deep conditioning masque into your hair care routine will help revitalise your hair by restoring moisture, strength, elasticity and shine.

When the base is healthy and strong, it’s time to get styling!


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During times of heavy humidity, the ponytail may just become your best friend, but think more red carpet glam rather than at home on the couch… we’re going sleek and glossy with this one! Slicked hairstyles prevent frizz like no other so this is the perfect look for those sticky humid days.

For an ultra-smooth and glossy look arm yourself with the power duo; sleek pomade and riot oil! Prep your hair with bhave sleek pomade to provide grip and control any flyaways, eliminating frizz and adding that glossy shine! Adding riot control oil to the mid-lengths and ends will improve manageability, fight frizz and add beautiful shine whilst strengthening and nourishing your hair!


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On the other end of the scale, if your hair is naturally curly, or you want to keep some movement and texture in your look, fighting it in the humidity may seem like an impossible task. Embracing the wild side with some clever, but simple, styling can disguise the effects of humidity. With a simple style like the low pony you can still conquer the humidity looking stylish!

Prepping your curly hair is an easy and essential step to perfecting this look. bhave Curl defining crème will help smooth, support and condition curls, whilst minimising any further frizz, leaving your locks looking super defined and luxurious.

Using bhave volumising foam in combination with gunpowder dust will also add texture and body to your look whilst giving a medium hold to keep those locks secure in their style. Giving you the perfect messy pony!


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We love big buns and we cannot lie! A messy bun can be the perfect middle ground between embracing the wild side of the humidity whilst still feeling super stylish! Remember, perfection is not the goal here, embrace the flyaways and imperfections!

For the “perfect” messy bun prep your hair with leave-in creme, applying evenly to damp freshly washed hair. If your hair is fine and limp we’d recommend to also use magnify shampoo & conditioner to give your hair an added boost of volume and vitality!

When styling use a combination of volumising foam and gunpowder dust for the perfect texture and lift. This look allows for some fly-aways and using riot control oil will make sure these look smooth and glossy, rather than frizz on the loose!


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The braid proves itself once again! It is the perfect full proof style when it comes to bad hair days, it has some kind of frizz proof super powers! Braids work by grouping strands together in a secure (and cute) way, giving them no chance to give into frizz!

Braids are super versatile and can be worn in many different ways; their forms are always changing and their styles are endless, meaning you can wear them again, again and again, whilst keeping your look fresh. Best of all, no heat required!

For an ultra-strong braid prep your hair with sleek pomade to create grip, add luscious shine and control any flyaways! For a textured and voluminous braid use a combination of volumisng foam and gunpowder dust to create the messy braid of your dreams (without the frizz)!


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Sometimes all it takes is the thought of having your hair stick to the back of your neck to get those creative juices flowing! It could take just adding a few extra hair ties, a scrunchy, or repurposing a couple of handkerchiefs or a scarf, and voila you have a look beauty editors would envy!

Never fear trying something new and adding your own personality to your look! After all tribe, remember it’s your life, your hair, your rules!

Together we can battle that humidity in style tribe!

bhave xx