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Tantalising Transformations

Tantalising Transformations

We all love a jaw-dropping before and after picture. From dorky pre-celebrity shots, with braces and frizzy hair, to becoming ultimate red carpet glam. We just can’t help but ogle at (and crave) whatever magic has caused these transformations.

But the most magical before and after shots are the ones with only a few hours between the before and after, and ones that require no more effort than making an appointment at the salon for a bhave™ signature treatment and the turn of a magazine page.

bhave™ transformations are not the result of months of hard work (thank the hair Lords!), nor the magic of puberty Gods - they are the simply the magic of bhave’s salon signature therapies smoothe XT, smoothe PLUS and rescue therapy treatment.


Damaged hair disaster? Instead of cutting your locks, repair them with a signature bhave™ intense repair treatment! NO SCISSORS REQUIRED!

Rescue Therapy can also be used pre-colour, post-colour and in-colour, just ask your hairdresser to add rescue therapy into your colour to protect and strengthen your locks whilst prolonging and enriching your colour. It’s prevention + cure all in ONE BOTTLE.

Continue the repair at home with our award-winning rescue shampoo and conditioner, the perfect duo to preserve the magic of the in-salon rescue therapy. Infused with bio-active keratin the bhave™ rescue range will continue to repair and rebuild your hair strand by strand whilst acting as a protective shield against any future damage.


Smoothe PLUS is your frizz fighting warrior, whilst keeping the natural body of your hair! The smoothe PLUS treatment requires 48 hours down time and you will need to wait to colour those newly treated locks of yours for 7-10 days either side of the treatment but trust us when we say the results are worth it!

Smoothe XT is the newest treatment in the bhave™ fam but it is fast becoming a favourite across salons and clients. Smoothe XT will smooth out those frizzy locks, even the most stubborn and unruly cases! Smoothe XT also requires no downtime so you can colour, wash and tie up hair same day; that’s right fab hair all in one day! Your hair will remain sleek and smooth, wash after wash, for up to 4 months with the correct bhave™ after care at home.

Behold the bhave™ magic!

But the magic of bhave™ doesn’t begin and end at the salon door. Say goodbye to the frustration of mastering your mop, then, after dousing it in shampoo and conditioner at home, finding that it returns to the same dry, flat, frizzy mess that it was pre-treatment. We’ve got your back and we arm you with the perfect home care to make sure your treatment doesn't just last a month, but for as long as possible.

For added longevity deep conditioning masque and leave-in crème are the ultimate weapons you’ll want in your belt! The deep conditioning masque is a moisture explosion lathering your locks with love and restoration, and our leave-in crème is the final step in providing luxurious conditioning and protection.

If you’re craving results like this, locate your nearest salon with bhave™ here or email us at for your nearest salon.

bhave xx

Your hair – Your life – Your rules!