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The Year That Was PLUS Best Celeb Hair Transformations of 2018

The Year That Was PLUS Best Celeb Hair Transformations of 2018

Attention bhave babes! 2018 is nearly over and December is well and truly upon us. Where did the year go? It feels like it has zoomed past us!

If you didn’t know, 2018 was a big year for hair. From fabulous celeb hair transformations to new bhave product launches - so much has happened! It’s time we take a moment to pause and reflect on the year that was. Grab a cuppa or wine (we know which one we’d choose!) and join us on this trip through all the best bits of 2018.

Launch of Bombshell Blonde Conditioner

We had all the bhavers in mind who suffer from brassiness. Whether you’re blonde or brunette our bombshell blonde shampoo and conditioner promises to banish that brass and neutralize dull, yellow tones, boost moisture plus nourish and refresh hair. We wanted a product that ignites your colour and brings it back to life, and this range achieves this fast. Flick those locks in confidence tribe!

Launch of Frizz Control Crème

If you suffer from the dreaded frizz, you’re not alone. One of the most common sources of hair heartache is frizzy hair. Whether your mane is fine, thick, curly or straight, at some point in your hair journey it is likely that you have had to wrangle your frizz. Enter our latest and soon-to-be best seller, frizz control crème, the perfect frizz tamer and your secret to smooth, manageable, sexy hair.

The Best Of Celebrity Hair Transformations In 2018

Joey King

img via

img via

Could this be the biggest transformation yet? Actress Joey King shaved her head for a movie role in October. This was quite the transformation to say the least, but Joey embraced the change and is totally rocking her new buzzcut! She described the change as “very freeing, really fun, and really empowering”, and she encouraged every woman to shave her head at least once in their life. Would you be game enough?

Ariana Grande

img via Instagram

img via

We were obsessed with singer Ariana Grande’s beautiful hair change in July! She showed off her new lavender locks on her Instagram page, and her fans went wild (us included). Her pastel purple colour was so incredibly dreamy and we totally added photos of her to our hair inspo Pinterest boards.

Timothee Chalamet

img via Pinterest

img via Pinterest

Oscar nominee Timothee Chalamet rocked long hair for most of 2018 and debuted a bowl cut in June. At first, we were all horrified about this haircut - but as it turns out, the chop was for Chalamet’s new film project The King, where Chalamet is playing King Henry V. The bowl cut may be a 15th century look, but Chalamet managed to pull off the tricky style!

Julianne Hough

img via Pinterest

img via

2018 was a year of many hair transformations for triple threat Julianne Hough. In February she debuted her new auburn locks. She wanted to be a redhead for over 6 years and finally took the plunge. On her Instagram page she said: “I have never felt more like ME than I do right now!! I have always felt like a red head my whole life.” In July she went back to her classic golden blonde hair colour, but she still had one more hair transformation to come - a big haircut. In September she chopped off her hair for a choppy bob and fringe. She said: “detaching from what you know can be challenging, but also so freeing. The best thing about hair is how you get to create, play and just have fun with it!”

We’re going to miss the excitement of 2018, but are pumped for everything that’s ahead in 2019! Thank you to all of our tribe for making this year so wonderful. We’ve got so many incredible things coming your way next year, and we can’t wait to tease you just a little bit...

bhave xx

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