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Winter Hair Survival Guide

Winter Hair Survival Guide

It’s the first day of winter in the southern hemisphere, and we can't exactly say that we’re all that happy about it. Our hair is prone to damage from external factors such as heat, humidity and pollution, and unfortunately there is no exception when it comes to the cold. Fresh winter winds and plummeting temperatures can cause stress to our lovely locks and can cause a few symptoms we like to call ‘winter hair problems’.

But fear not, we’ve created a handy guide to cure all your winter hair problems in order to keep your hair strong, protected and healthy.


We’d say the number one problem for hair during winter is dryness. With the lack of humidity, the air is crisp and hair struggles to find the moisture it needs to stay smooth and hydrated. Unfortunately, this means that breakage and brittleness is common at this time of year.

SOLUTION - Moisture, moisture, moisture! Don’t fear though, you don’t need to dunk your head in a bucket of water! Instead, use a deeply hydrating shampoo and conditioner to restore that moisture. To protect and condition your locks we recommend the nourish and hydrator range, and particularly their ultra-moisturising conditioners! Remember conditioner is for your hair not your scalp so apply it to your mid-lengths and ends in order to retain moisture for longer.


Whether it comes from wearing snug beanies, scarves, winter coats, or all of the above, static is bound to happen during winter, especially if you have fine hair. However, hair can be made manageable with one handy solution…

SOLUTION - Fresh Ends! Fresh ends smooths hair and adds moisture and shine to dry, brittle and damaged ends, whilst protecting from future breakage, making it less likely to give in to the static monster! You will only need a pea size amount of fresh ends so apply product sparingly throughout hair and make sure not to over apply. Best used on dry hair but fresh ends can also be used on clean towel-dried hair.


Frizz is the inevitable side effect that we can’t seem to get away from all year round. Although frizz can stem from many different things, in the winter time frizz stems less from humidity in the air and more from dryness and hat (or more so beanie) hair.

SOLUTION - Tame that frizz with a combination of leave-in creme and riot control oil brushed through with the bhave vent hair brush. Combining leave-in creme with riot control oil will eliminate frizz and smooth hair whilst adding moisture and nourishment to restore your hair strand by strand, and create a luscious shine. For best results add 1-2 pumps of riot control oil to a small amount of leave-in creme in your hands and mix. Apply evenly to mid-lengths and ends of damp hair and comb through with the bhave vent brush to ensure even distribution. You can also apply to dry hair but make sure to still only apply to mid-lengths and ends, and to brush through to evenly distribute to avoid any build up.


Yes, you can overheat in winter! Not only can dry winds dry out hair, but indoor heating and those blissful hot showers can also cause stress to our locks. This type of heat in winter might keep us cozy and warm, but they strip hair of essential oils and moisture, leaving locks looking dull and in need of some serious TLC.

SOLUTION - Condition and hydrate those burnt out locks with our deep conditioning masque. Helping to deeply replenish dry and dull hair our deep conditioning masque goes deep into the cuticle to care for your hair strand by strand. Use once a week after washing your hair to restore radiance and revive those locks. Leave in for 20 minutes for a deep treatment and always follow with a conditioner after rinsing to ensure you seal the cuticle and all the luscious conditioning goodness within!


Got a new beanie or beret you're excited to sport this winter? We love a good hair accessory but hat hair, you’re a serious bummer. Sport your new beret and let’s get serious about the hat hair, because tribe it’s an issue!

SOLUTION - Your hair will bhave with a volumising foam or dust. To control that volume and give your strands the power they need to stand up against that gorgeous beret on your head arm yourself with bhave volumising foam and gunpowder dust. Apply volumising foam to clean damp hair and work your way from the roots down before drying and styling. Gunpowder dust works best with the help of the big hair trick from the 80’s… bend at the waist, let your hair fall and scrunch your roots with your fingertips while applying gunpowder, and then FLIP! Can you say Va-Va voom!


Itchy scalp is another seriously common issue that comes with changing seasons, especially in winter. Once again, the dryness that winter brings can cause an imbalance and irritations can occur for those with sensitive scalps.

SOLUTION - Use a shampoo that directly deals with scalp concerns to restore balance and health to your crown. bhave Scalp shampoo will relieve and soothe your scalp, whilst nourishing your locks to ensure they remain luscious and protected through even the driest of winter days! A top tip is to leave the shampoo in your hair for 2 minutes on the second wash. After the first wash the hair cuticle opens which allows for the bioactive keratin to deeply nourish your strands, and voila gorgeous and healthy hair without any irritations!


Knotty and tangled hair is definitely an all year-round problem, however in winter we can again aim some blame on those cute hats, beanies and scarves we wrap ourselves in! But fashion choices aside, harsh winds also play a big part as they cause friction and make our cuticles ruffled and matted.

SOLUTION - Get those locks to bhave with super nova elixir. This multi-purpose super spray gently detangles your locks, smoothing each strand while adding moisture and nourishment to restore hair to its full vitality. Spray super nova on clean, towel-dried hair and comb through gently with the bhave wide tooth comb. Brushing gently start at the ends and work your way up to the roots to help detangle whilst protecting your hair from potential breakage.

With your hair now set to be gorgeous and healthy all winter long all you’ll need to decide is the beanie or beret… or you might not even want to hide that fab mane of yours thanks to all these tips, but are you willing to brave the cold?!

Keep warm tribe, and make sure to look after your precious locks this winter!

bhave xx